we're on a mission to bring you revolutionary smart home termites early detection


WallSensor Technologies
Early Detection of Termites

Our mission is to deliver the first wireless battery-powered sensors DIY product ever, for termite infestation early detection, to homes and businesses owners. We plan to launch it at first in the US. As a consumer-facing Internet of Things (IoT) company, we have an initial-and-growing Intellectual Property (IP) position, and our Patent Pending products will auto-detect threats that cause concern and financial damage to homes and businesses around the world, together with powerful signatures deep learning processes in a secure cloud-based platform.


a group of experienced, 2nd stage entrepreneurs with hands on experience in company life cycles, advanced technologies, successful exists and IPOs.
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Chairman, CEO
Amos is the founder of Formula Telecom Solutions Ltd (FTS:LN) a global provider of Telecom Management Solutions for Worldwide Telecom Operators. Former Senior VP at BEZEQ, leading their Billing Division.
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Yossi (joe) korakin

VP Business Development and R&D
Yossi have a track record of several successful startups and exits such as Meicom (DSPG), VideoCodes (Thomson Networks) and Archos. Expert in advanced technologies and a former 8200 intelligence IDF unit officer.
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menachem zibziner

Menachem is a marketing, business growth and advanced technologies pro. Former co-founder of Video Domain, acquired by Crow (CRWTF:OTC). Co-inventor of the patented MemoCam®.
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Pete Celano

Pete is a US consumer sales guru. A former ALARM.COM (NASDAQ:ALRM) VP Marketing & Business Strategy responsible for rapid revenue growth of DIY products and SaaS renewal annual subscriptions.
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Dr. Oren Shriki

Oren is an academic expert in physics, computational neurosciences and machine learning algorithms. Was a member of the DARPA “Physical Intelligence” project; advanced brain-inspired hardware and algorithms for pattern-recognition.
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Nir Geva

VP Engineering
Nir is an experienced Product, R&D and Production Manager in the field of medical devices. A former co-owner in LifeWatch.com (SIX:LIFE), a public company providing telemedicine monitoring in the USA.

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